Bring A Little Magic With The Fairies

Hey everyone, 

I thought I would do a little blog on fairies, they seem to be a hot topic at the moment, I know my little boy Jackson (3) is amazed by them. Every chance he gets he has me in the park looking for them.  

Here's a picture of Jackson and his cousin Kyle finding fairies during the summer.  They came across a few fairy houses on the roads around Barryscourt Castle, Carrigtwohill Co. Cork. Well worth a look if you are around that direction.


Chasing fairies with him brought my attention to fairy gardens.

What is a fairy garden? We'll it's a little bit of magic in your back garden. Something that you can make with your kids and come back to time and time again to check if the fairies have been. Your kids will love it.

When it comes to fairy gardens there is no how to. It can be in a big old flower pot or a patch of muck, what ever you have available, it can be any size you desire. You can go as adventurous as you like but just remember the main thing is to make it attractive to little fairies so they will land here for awhile.

I have put together a rather large collection of fairy garden accessories, all fairy approved, I've had word that there has been sightings of fairies landing on my special fairy bench's, playing with my fairy balloon's and would you believe even driving on my special fairy road. So if you want to be sure the fairies will visit your garden, stock up on loads of accessories. Fairies don't like boring gardens. They love having fun and playing with miniature animals. 

Here's a few examples of fairy gardens, 

Here in Ireland we are renowned for our fairies and there is still a lot of places around Ireland where you can have a great day out searching for them. 

Here's is a guide to the best places to find fairies in Ireland, written by Sadhbh Devlin

Good luck with your fairy garden, I hope it will be full of fairies bringing a long a little bit of magic to your life. 

Click here -> to view the fairy accessory collection



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